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You did it, now what's next?

After decades of saving, you paid off the home, you saved in your retirement plan, and hopefully, you have some money left over after you move on. For many individuals and couples, they have never contemplated what could happen with your family after you are no longer around. Families don't always talk about money and for good reason. It can be as fun as talking about politics or religion (and equally divisive).

Below are some good questions to ask yourself to determine if you have set-up your family members for a peaceful transition after you are no longer there to help guide them:

1) Have you told the family about your estate? What is your concern about telling them?

2) How do you expect wealth to affect your kids? To what extent do you think they see it the same way?

3) What relationship issues could surface when your estate transfers? What type of action are you taking now to deal with those?

4) What is the purpose of your wealth? To what extent are your beneficiaries on the same page?

5) What are the potential sources of distrust you can anticipate when you are no longer here to manage them?

6) The skills that you used to build wealth will not be the same ones you need to give it away. What are you doing to ensure that your family is able to make decisions without you?

Fun huh? Take the actions now to answers these questions and engage your beneficiaries in what your plan is. It will save future headaches down the road.

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