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Portfolio Services

A retirement plan account balance is frequently one puzzle piece to an investors retirement plan.  With IRA’s, spousal retirement assets, prior employer plans, pensions, social security and other assets all working towards the same goal, shouldn’t someone be making sure those puzzle pieces all fit together?

We start with our institutional approach to retirement plan investing and incorporate those principals into our portfolio services for individuals.  For more information on how we can work with you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Retainer Services

Clients can work with QP Consulting in one of two ways. The bulk of our business is performed as ongoing retainer business. Through an ongoing relationship with a client, we can not only serve in either an ERISA 3 (21) or 3 (38) capacity, but we can also provide the necessary services to properly assist plan participants in understanding and effectively using the plan. These services include (*some depend on recordkeeping platform capabilities):

  • Quarterly Fiduciary Reports

  • Investment Monitoring

  • Investment Policy Statement Drafting & Revisions

  • On-site Education Meetings

  • Quarterly Archived Fiduciary Web Seminars

  • Bi-annual Archived Participant Web Seminars

  • Annual Fee Benchmarking

  • Qualified Default Investment Alternative Benchmarking

  • Participant Gap Analysis Reports

  • Participant Paycheck Analysis Reports

  • Plan Sponsor Plan Effectiveness Reporting

  • On-site Fiduciary Review Meetings

  • Vendor Negotiations

  • Custom Enrollment Videos

  • Targeted Video Education Series

  • Model Portfolio Creation & Updating*

For clients with over ten million dollars in assets, we charge a fixed fee that is billed quarterly in arrears. For clients with fewer than ten million dollars in assets, we base our fee on a percentage of the plans assets or a fixed fee. This fee is billed quarterly in arrears and can be either invoiced to the plan sponsor or swept from plan assets (depending on recordkeeping platform capabilities).

Project Based Services

From time to time, we are asked to provide project based services to clients that are one time engagements versus ongoing arrangements. These services range from request for proposal analysis to detailed fee benchmarking reports. The pricing for these projects depends on the size & scope of the request. We custom price all project based services.


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