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Not your K, your SSA!

When we meet with individuals, one of the most overlooked elements of their retirement is also frequently the biggest, their Social Security benefit. The decision to file early, at FRA (Full Retirement Age) or late depends on a number of factors. When planning what stable income one will have in retirement, for most of us, Social Security is it. Our investments have the ability to generate income for us but in many cases the only annuitized payout we have is Social Security.

One of the simplest steps every investor should take is to create an account. This can easily be done at the SSA site here. Once you have an account established, you should review your earnings record to make sure you have been credited with all service. You then should incorporate the income projections into your overall financial plan to determine what type of income replacement you will need from your retirement plan. For QP Consulting, LLC clients, we can help you determine that need. All you will need to do is go through a simple risk assessment on our site at

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